SRWS has a very active Parents Teachers’ Association. We value the involvement of parents and teachers in the holistic development of every child and the active PTA works towards this goal. There are regular meetings held of the PTA and the elected office bearers do a commendable service towards achieving the goals of the PTA

The SRWS 's PTA has been striving to complement the role of the parents and teachers in the overall development of the students. The PTA Executive meets once a term to review its overall functioning and to consider and implement new programmes towards improvement in academic standards, cultural and moral values, sports and other activities. Parental education is periodically taken by PTA.

Free and frank discussion take place between the PTA and School Administration to sort out all matters on merit in a spirit of harmony and mutual commitment to education. The PTA organizes an annual picnic and actively participates in all functions of the School throughout the year. The PTA Executive has an enthusiastic group of dedicated members always willing to take up responsibilities as and when situations so demand.