Joseph Addison quotes that, "What sculpture is to a block of marble. Education is to the soul".

At SRWS, we aim to develop the overall personality of children by exposing them to various competitive situations. Thus, we ensure that children part take in Intra and Inter School competitions. Our effort is also directed towards developing their technogical skills and to boost this talent, we have introduced Educom smart class for every class apart from exposure to computer learning and its operations.

While planned development and thrust to improve the quality of education is continuous, the school is also desirous of making every child a better, responsible and proud citizen of this Country. Towards this, we instill in children a sense of discipline and concern for fellow student, school property and environment.

Whatever said, Parents will always remain the most influential in shaping up and moulding the character of the children hence let us resolve that together we will make it "our Goal"


"What you are is God’s gift to you; what you become is your gift to God."

Since ancient times, India has been appreciated by great thinkers, historians, scientists and leaders all over the world for its unique and invaluable contributions such as Numerals, Decimal system, Vedas, Grammar, Sanskrit language, Logic, Ayurveda, Plastic surgery, Indian philosophy, Chess and so on. But today according to various surveys conducted at national and international levels, India has taken a back seat in areas of Innovation, creativity, out of the box thinking.

The current scenario of diminishing values and the hypocrisy prevailing in our society has caused confusion in Gen-next. So my goal is "To create the true 'Bharat' by prioritizing formation of character in each student". And my policy is "To assist in making the student aware of his/her strengths, accepting and overcoming his/her weaknesses and internalizing the values of truth, courage, perseverance and faith by providing a rational and democratic environment."

In order to achieve this I am blessed to head this institution since 1 st June 2012 which was established in 1951. We, at SRWS strongly believe that, 'Children cannot be made Good by making them Happy, but they can be made Happy by making them GOOD.'