SRWS is managed by the Managing Council of the Shree Ram Welfare Society. The MC members work honorary and are involved in the development of the School with great zeal and enthusiasm. The Current Managing Council consists of all Alumni of the School. They bring in their vast experience in various fields of engagements and add immense value to the running of the School.

Name : S.Sunderrajan
Designation: President
Qualification: B.Com, ACA, LLB
Occupation: Business

Name : A.Mahalakshmi
Designation: Hon.Secretary
Qualification: M.Com, B.Ed
Occupation: Teacher

Name : R. Viswhanathan
Designation: Jt.Hon.Secretary
Qualification: Diploma Engineering
Occupation: Electrical Engineer retired from Air India

Name : T.S.Lakshmanan
Designation: Hon.Treasurer
Qualification: M.Com, ACWAI,
Occupation: Finance Professional, Musician, Artist

Name : S.Vishvanathan
Designation: Member
Qualification: FCA, Grad CWA
Occupation: Management Consultant

Name : S.Venkatraman
Designation: Member
Qualification: B.Com, MBA
Occupation: Vice President-Logistics Company

Name : N.Subramanian
Designation: Member
Qualification: B.Com, LLB
Occupation: Banker

Name : P.K.Shivram
Designation: Member
Qualification: B.Com, ACA
Occupation: Assistant Manager, SEBI

Name : K.S.Subramanian
Designation: Member
Qualification: B.Com
Occupation: Self employed